McDaniel College left you the following instructions:

Thank you for recording a scholarship video message. Connecting scholarship donors and students is an important part of our work. Every scholarship has a story…thank you for sharing yours.

Things to consider sharing in your video message include: 
  • Information about you
  • What your time on the Hill was like
  • How WMC/McDaniel made a difference in your life
  • Why you choose to support scholarships
  • A message for your student recipient or scholarship recipients in general
Your messages can be recorded on any device you choose, your phone, tablet, or computer will all work.  If you use your smartphone, please turn it sideways to record the best image. 

Please keep the following in mind while recording
  • If recording on your phone - turn it sideways to record
  • Choose a location that provides balanced lighting. Webcam/phone cameras tend to get very grainy in low light. We often suggest shooting outside or in offices with ample amounts of natural light.
  • Choose a location that is not backlit.
  • Avoid echo chambers. Often times sparse offices or conference rooms with glass walls can create a ton of echo. If you're recording directly into the platform via your computer or phones webcam we suggest choosing a space with good acoustics.
  • Avoid blustery locations. A camera phone's mic can often make a gentle ocean breeze sound like typhoon which will overpower your recorders message. 

If you're satisfied with your recording, click Submit Video below.

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